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This will happen when you left bottles of water inside your car!



Many of us loves traveling isn’t? Having our own cae for our travel goals is one of the most comfortable and hassle-free way to enjoy our out-of-town vacation. But as we travel, we also need to be hydrated that is why we often bring lots of bottled water inside our car. We need to drink water for hydration and to quench our thirst as well. But are you even aware that having a bottled water inside your car can cause danger?

According to the viral story of Dioni Amuchastegui who is a battery technician at Idaho Power in America, he was actually eating his lunch when he noticed a smoke coming out from his car. At first, he though that it was only dust but he was wrong. When he went to check his car, he discovered that the bottled water he left inside his car was the reason of the smoke he saw earlier. He further explained that the sunlight was actually concentrating on the water bottle and that was the beginning of the smoke and fire.

David Richardson of Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma explained that the air temperature doesn’t matter. The bottled water actually serves as a magnifying glass, it is the same principle as burning leaves with a magnifying glass with the help of sunlight. The worst thing that can happen is for your whole car to burn! This has been a great lesson to many people, especially to car owners to never leave bottled water inside the vehicle.

With this, we can prevent incidents that can harm our beloved family as well as one of our assets or investment, our car. It is better to prevent this kind of scenarios instead of being sorry when any casualty happened. Many people will surely be careful and vigilant the next time they carry bottled water inside their car or any vehicles.

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