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This 7-year-old courageous girl was admired by the public after she caught a poisonous snake with her bare hands



We are all guilty of being so protective of our family and loved ones. We would always tell them to keep safe and be careful with everything they do, every single day and we it seems that we are not getting tired of reminding it to them so many times. Maybe it was just our way of expressing how we really love and care for them. That is why we always ensure their happiness as well as their safety at all times.

It was just recently when the viral video of this seven-year-old girl made rounds in different social media platforms. She actually captured a poisonous snake with her bare hands! Many people worried about her safety but it seems that she was really a brave and skilled kid. She effortlessly put down the venomous snake that brings us all fear and danger with her bare hands.

King cobras or hamadryad are venomous snakes endemic to Indian forests through Southeast Asia. It is also considered as the world’s longest and most venomous snake. It is very dangerous because of its aggressiveness and its poisonous fangs. Despite the danger, the little girl just held the snake on its tail very casually and put it inside a cage.

This scenario earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens. Most of them fear and worry for the child’s safety during the process, however, there are also some people who admire her for being so courageous at a very tender age facing such a dangerous situation.

It was very admirable of her that she remained calm in such a situation when most of us would definitely panic and just run away. Although nothing happened to the little girl on the viral video, we should always remember that our safety especially children, pregnant women, and old people should be our top priority in most situations.

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