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These students made beautiful decorations out of recycled materials and sell it door to door for their school paper



Students nowadays tend to be very convenient and very much comfortable when it comes to their studies. They don’t seem to work hard and appreciate every single thing and privileges they have. They are very much occupied in using their gadgets and their cellphones and they are doing fewer activities at school or even at home.

But this elementary students from Babatngon, Leyte amazed a lot of netizens as they helped their school to raised fund for their school paper. For them to succeed in their project the students and their teacher collected empty plastic bottles that they already clean and recycled. They used all the recycled materials to make beautiful flower ornaments as well as handmade “alkansya”. They even sell some pre-loved clothes from their friends and relatives to add more fund for their project.

Their teacher was later known to be Shellarica Arinto who shared the photos of the children together with their finished project. She even shared that the students sell their products door to door to earn more money for their project.

A lot of netizens also praised her being the teacher of the students who taught them to give importance to their environment as they create beneficial and useful things from recycled materials. Many of their neighbors loved their handmade projects and most of them bought some of their products. The viral post had also been featured in CNN Philippines.

It was really admirable that many people are helping each other for the greater good of our environment and for the welfare of the students as well. In our society nowadays that people tend to neglect our environment with all the pollutions and the negative effects of improper waste management and disposal of many people all over the world. May this be a great lesson and inspiration to each and every one of us to somehow contribute to conserving our own environment, our home, our Earth.

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