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This man has a clever plan to make sure he wakes up on time every morning!



Waking up early in the morning is really a very difficult and challenging thing to do isn’t? Many of us would definitely use our alarm clocks or maybe our phone’s alarm just to make sure that we will never be late in our work, school, or appointments.

We usually drinks coffee, milk, or tea just to make sure that we are ready for the day. We sometimes have a good breakfast but most often we don’t because we are always in a hurry. Recently, this British inventor named Colin Furze amazes netizens as he comes up with a very clever way on how to wake up early in the morning that goes beyond your expectations.

His latest invention is called ‘High Voltage Ejector Bed,’ which literally throws you away if you dare to oversleep! Interesting isn’t? Its bed frame concept is to “flip” sleepyhead onto their feet. It also has sirens and trumpets blaring all at the same time.

The users can only adjust the force of the bed from low to high, depending on how much they wanted to be thrown out of the bed and how far they are willing to be thrown away. The inventor build a metal frame which looks like a “Murphy bed” but the difference is that instead of folding backwards, the user will be thrown into the wall as it pushes the bed forward away from the wall.

An air compressor powers two pistons which push the bed forward at a set speed. It also has additional lights and a couple of trumpets for maximum wake-up power.

Before the heavy sleeper was to be thrown out of the bed, there will be flashing blue lights as signals and if the user still don’t want to wake up, he or she will be rudely thrown out. If the stubborn over sleeper still continues to sleep, then the entire top of the frame launches forward to literally throw the sleeper in the air. The inventor took two weeks to build the entire “invention” and it worked on the first try.


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