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Meet the gorgeous and beautiful Uber Pinay driver!



Many of us had definitely experienced being stuck in traffic and it is indeed one of the worst things that could ever happen to you. But when you are going to be stuck in a traffic situation together with a very beautiful and gorgeous woman, you will definitely feel good, isn’t?

It was just recently when an Uber driver went viral on different social media platforms because of her admirable beauty and charm. She is known as Joyce Tadeo who is commonly known as JT to her friends and was actually a BD Psychology graduate who used to work in a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, according to the report of FHM Philippines.

One of her guy friends is an Uber driver and she was convinced to try the job as well. According to Joyce, she is a risk-taker and is always up for something. When she saw the earnings of her friend that really motivated her to try being an Uber driver. She started being an Uber driver back in October 2016, and she is really enjoying it. She would often hear good comments and praise from her passengers.

Most of her passengers were surprised that she is a female Uber driver, and because she is very beautiful and gorgeous, many of them would take a selfie and post her Uber details on social media. She really loved the feeling of being liked. She would also have a light conversation with her passengers because it is always a good way to ease the horrible traffic in our country.

Many of her friends would tell her that her job is very dangerous especially when you are a driver, you really don’t know the personality of the passenger who booked for a ride. But she just has to bring her rosary and pepper spray with her. Joyce also loves nature tripping as can be seen on her gorgeous photos on her social media account.

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