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DIY: Surprising Uses and Tricks of Toothpaste



Toothpaste is primarily used to maintain teeth’s health, to promote oral hygiene, and also serves to remove dental plaques and foods left within teeth. Toothpaste can do much more than taking care of our dental health because these are some of toothpaste’s tricks.

1. Hang posters – you can use toothpaste for wall posting etc.

2. Removes stains – use toothpaste and rub using cloth to remove car stains.

3. Cellphone screens – cleans your cellphone’s screen like brand new.

4. Cleans thermos – put toothpaste inside thermos and fill with hot water. Shake then stir.

5. Hands – accumulated dirt acquired in hands can be removed by the use of toothpaste.

6. Nail polish – toothpaste can be used like polish remover.

7. Removes carpet stains – use toothpaste to remove the stains from your carpet.

8. For cleaning footwear – toothpaste can eliminate unpleasant odor from footwear.

9. CD – use toothpaste and rub the surface of the CD to make it work again.

10. Flat iron – clean your flat irons using toothpaste.

11. Pimples – apply some toothpaste to pimple areas. Stop if you’re allergic.

12. Mosquito bite – reduce the itching and irritation by using toothpaste.

13. Dye stains – stains in white clothes can be removed by toothpaste.

14. Ink stain – remove the stains caused by ink with the use of toothpaste.

15. Swimming goggles – if your goggles became foggy, use toothpaste.

16. Car headlight – make you headlights as good as new using toothpaste.

17. Any silver and aluminum – apply toothpaste to make it shiny again.

18. Burn – apply some minty toothpaste to ease the pain from burns.

Source: pinoyhomeremedies

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