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The first body part you wash in the shower will reveal the truth behind your own personality



Many Filipinos are known to be neat and clean in terms of taking good care of their body. Because of our climate here in the Philippines, we tend to take a bath or take a shower at least once a day, every day. But are you going to believe when there is actually a meaning about the very first part of your body you tend to wash first?


People who want to wash their chest first when they take a shower is usually very practical. They already know what they want in their life and they really appreciate honesty from the people around them. They do not want to be pretentious in life. They are full of concentration especially when it comes to working and they didn’t like to be distracted as well.


People who like to wash their face first in taking a shower was said to have constant struggle in financial issues. Money is very important to them and they can do anything just to get it even it means that their dignity and integrity will be compromised. These kinds of individuals are also very narcissist and this leads to other people around them having a hard time understanding them.


People who wanted to wash and clean their underarms first are reliable, helpful and hard working. They are also admired by the people around them because of their down-to-earth and helpful attitude. They do not know about the people’s intentions towards them are good or not and they ended up being used by them.


People who wash their private parts first when taking a bath are reserved and shy. They do not have many friends and oftentimes lack confidence. They are known to be boring and unattractive. They give up easily during difficult times.


Individuals who wash their shoulders first are described as a coward and they really like to live alone. Money and power are important to them. They also love drinking alcohol and gambling.

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