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Mga boys! Ito ang sampung ugali ng babae na pagisipan mo muna bago mo pakasalan.



Most of the times, a man will fall for a beautiful face, nice body, and attractive girl. Without getting to know the real personality of a woman, a man will eventually court her. Lucky you if the woman you feel in love with has a kind heart, but what if the kindness is just in the outward appearance and not on the inside?

Here are the 10 Woman’s Traits That You Should Watch Out:

1. Party Goer

Girls who like to party with friends, often seen in a drinking session with short clothes on. These kinds of women are not yet ready for responsibilities.

2. Uncommitted

Girls who are unfocused are women are not committed and will not settle for long-term relationship soon.

3. Materialistic

Simplicity is beauty, but be avoided to go unlimited shopping. Some are called gold diggers, beware of these kinds of high maintenance women. 
4Selfish- Girls who are looking after herself first before her boyfriend or loved ones must be avoid. These kinds of women are full of pride and unable to take care of own family in the future.
5. Gossiper- A girl who always see a flaw in other people and put them down. Instead of seeing the weakness in herself, she has a lot of time gossiping other people.

6. Covet- Uncontentment especially when it comes to money is one of the factors of an unsuccessful marriage.

7. Disrespectful- If you want to marry a respectful woman, see how she treats her parents- that way you can be sure if you are on the right track.

8. Bitter- A girl who still into her ex and unable to move on is not worth it. Let her heal first.

9. Flirty
Read your girl’s body language, if she is sending a message to another man- avoid her. 
Self-centered- A girl who loves compliment that she is beautiful, she is attractive, etc. and always demanding of affirmation is most likely self-centered. 
These are just guidelines on how to check if your girl is worth a marriage, but of course, men should also be looking in their traits.

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