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Businesses that you can start with only P10,000 or below as capital!



It was never easy to be an employee, many people will definitely agree with that. Because aside from bad-tempered bosses and a stressful environment, many workers find their salaries not enough for their family and their own expenses. No wonder that there are some people who chose to start their own business even if it will start small and simple. Here are some of the businesses you can start with your P10,000 capital on hand:


– We all know that Filipinos really love food, we all love to eat, that is why food businesses really has something to say when it comes to starting your own business with such a small capital and an interest in cooking or baking. You can start your own “carinderia business” with P3,000 as capital. You should make sure that your location is good to make this kind of business succeed. You should also keep in mind that having a delicious and clean food will be one of the greatest reasons for your success.

-Because we are now on the modern technology stage, even buying of goods, and other stuffs seems to be easier online. We can avoid traffic and less hassle for many of us. Many busy individuals, especially mothers love to try this kind of business because of the fact that you can have this business even if you are in the comfort of your own home or while taking good care of your kids. You can start with P5,000 if you wanted to sell make-up or clothes online while it will take you P8,000 to P10,000 if you are planning to sell gadgets online depending on the stocks you wanted to sell.

-With this of business, you can start with P3,000 to P7,000 if you wanted to sell pork and chicken barbeque as well as the other usual barbeques.

-Filipino people tend to love investing in good pieces of clothes and with just P8,000 you can now start your “ukay-ukay” business with 150 to 200 pieces of clothes you can buy with that amount of money.

-You can start your poultry farm business with P8,000 which you can use to buy 15 to 20 pieces of chicks.

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