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Mistakes that you do making your Children behave badly



Parenting is very crucial for the development of our children, especially character and behavior development. Parents are the ones to promote and support their child/children with the development of their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual during infancy to adulthood.

Thus, their behavior commonly depends to their parents.

These are some mistakes of parents that affects the behavior of their children according to Emma Senner, host of “The Take Home Nanny”.

Child is being tolerated – parents or family members always tolerate the child especially the first born (granddaughter/niece/nephew). It is not healthy to always give them what they wanted even they cry. We should pamper them but not to the extent that they can get all they wanted even they’re still baby.

Teach the right way – Child often make mistakes normally out of curiosity. When they made mistake, calmly approach them and explain that they did is wrong. Instead of scolding them while showing that you’re mad, teach them what is right.

Control their usage of gadget – these modern days children are so into gadgets that they doesn’t do or learn anything even a simple household chores. Before you allow them to use gadgets, give them tasks.

Remember, parents are in control of everything. There won’t be anyone to be blame if your child behaves badly.

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