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This man only finished grade 1 but despite that, he is now a multi-millionaire!



There comes a time when we are still young children when our parents and elders used to remind us that education will be the only thing they can give us. Education is the only thing that no one can steal from us ever. It can also be a great help for us to be uplifted in our poor life and to end our struggles and sacrifices for our family. 

When a person finished his or her college degree, he or she will be able to find and get a decent and good-paying job. No wonder that many of us try our best to finish our education despite all the hardships and difficulties we encounter throughout our journey. Our parents also sacrificed a lot just to support our school expenses. 

Unfortunately, not all families are privileged to send their children to college because of poverty. Their hard-earned money is just enough for their food expenses. Because of severe poverty, many children chose to just help their parents to do household chores and to be part of their parents’ fieldwork. 

But as we all know, not everyone who finished their college degrees become successful in life. Sometimes, not being able to have your college diploma can also lead you to victory and make your dreams come true. As hard work and perseverance always pay off.

Just like this man from Malaysia. Saipol Azmir Zainuddin was only six years old when he stops his studies because he dreams of becoming a farmer someday. Saipol was still very young but he already knew everything about life. Unlike other children of his age who only knows how to play, he prefers doing a lot in the field. 

Because of his commitment, hard work, perseverance and dedication, he already earned P10,000 from his cows. He has the ability and the characteristics of being a good farmer and animal raiser and because of this, he had 300 cows. At 19 years old he already loaned P1,000,000. As she dreams of being a successful farmer, he also needs to acquire his own land. Good thing that the “Farmers Organization Authority Malaysia” helped him. He invested it well which earned him a total of 700 cows, 150 goats, and 30 buffalos at the age of 33 years old. He was already earning P12 million pesos that time. 

True enough that college degree or diploma could not define someone’s success in life. It was never a sin to be poor but doing nothing about it can really be your loss. 

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