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These are the top 10 amazing and shocking revelations you probably don’t know about the famous Titanic ship!



It was 1997 when the movie Titanic captured the hearts of many people all over the world. The lead characters were portrayed by the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio and ever beautiful Kate Winslet. The story is about two different people who fell in love with each other despite their huge difference with their social status. But aside from their wonderful love story, the film was also about showcasing the real story behind the biggest ship of its generation.

It has been the biggest tragedy ever recorded in history. That is why it had been on headlines all over the world. These are the top 10 amazing and shocking revelations you probably don’t know about the famous ship:

1. Because of the belief that nothing can make the ship sunk, it only has 20 boats which can only accommodate up to 64 persons. 

2. Charles Joughlin had been floating at the middle of the wide and cold ocean for two hours already before he was saved. Many people were suprised about how he could endure the cold temperature but some people believed that it may be because of the several alcoholic drinks he drunk before the ship sunk.

3. Because the Titanic ship was really a huge and big ship, it actually took 2 hours and 45 minutes before it totally sunk under the ocean.

4. It was not also a good experience for many newly-wed couples as 13 newly-weds were listed to be on the casualties of the sunken ship.

5. 14 years before Titanic sail and sunk in the ocean, there was this book who was written by Morgan Robertson which story was about a ship which was believed by many that could not be sunken by anything doesn’t have enough boats to save people in case of an incident and that was when it collide in an ice burg just like the true story of the Titanic ship.

6. If we can still remember about the people who were still playing their instruments even the ship was already sinking in the popular movie, it was said that it really happened in real life as the band did that on purpose to help the people inside the ship to never lose hope and give up.

7. The day when the Titanic ship sunk is the day when the captain cancelled the lifeboat drill.

8. Titanic has 15 compartments, one of the reasons why it was believed to be a great ship that can’t be sunken by anything. But unfortunately, one of the compartments has been filled with water which became the reason why it sunk.

9. Aside from Jack and Rose, there was also an amazing story of this couple named Ida and Isador. It has been a mandatory for the passengers to let the women ride first on the safety boats before men. And because Ida doesn’t want to live Isador alone in the boat, she decided to be with her husband until they passed away together. 

10. Titanic ship is so huge that it can actually be compared to two and a half football fields.

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