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This is the mystery of Hasanlu lovers who were discovered kissing for about 2,800 years ago!



They say that love moves in mysterious ways. You will never know what love really means until you felt it and you experienced it yourself.

But what are the things you can do for love? Are you sure that your love is pure, unconditional and selfless? The public was surprised and amazed by the mystery behind the kiss of this couple known as the Hasanlu lovers.

Their love for each other last even after their lifetime. Researchers discovered the set of skeletons in the year 1972 lying inside a bin within the excavation site in Hasanlu, Solduz Valley, West Azerbaijan Province in Iran. A lot of people have their own stories to tell about what really happened to the couple as they were kissing each other even after being left in such a tragic situation.

The researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered that the Hasanlu Lovers passed away around 800 BC, they had estimated that the skeletons are about 2,800 years old. The left skeleton is a female while the male is on the right. Both were around 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Asphyxiation was speculated to be the reason for their demise. A hole in the male’s skull can be noticed but no one really knew about their real story but only them.

Their preserved kiss amazes a lot of netizens and influenced them to believe that there is really “true and everlasting love” because even if your life will end already your love for that special person will forever and always be there until your very last breath. That is why we should always tell our loved ones how much they really mean to us because we will never know when will be the last time for us to show and tell them that we really love them. True love really exist!

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