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This Filipino man without hands amazes a lot of netizens as he creates intricate miniature toy cars from scratch!



Many of us believe that each one of us has their own purposes in life. But to a person who seems to be a little different, it may not be an idea for him. We may have encountered so much in life but for those people who don’t have their own legs or their own hands, life can really be very challenging.

Just like this Filipino man who doesn’t have his hands but despite his situation, he never gives up in life and he continues to hope for the better. He still fights in every life challenges and he still hopes fo achieve his dreams.

There was a certain Denniz Futalan who shared a photo of this admirable man from Dumaguete City which has an amazing talent in recycling toys. He doesn’t have his hands ever since he was born but it never hinders him to make such incredible toy cars.

This micro toys immediately captured the attention of many netizens. The designs and the details were very intricate and you would have thought at first glance that the person who made it doesn’t have any disability.

According to Futalan’s post, this amazing man was able to have this admirable skill from an owner pf a digital electronic service shop. The miniature tricycle he made costs about $26 while his miniature toys which are bigger costs $40. He doesn’t only creates these amazing toys all by himself by his own hands but he can also customize his creations depending on the customer’s requests.

True enough that there will be nothing to stop you when you have the determination and the will to do the things you really wanted. If you added your faith unto it, it will be a great success for you as the Lord God is also with you all throughout your journey guiding you.

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