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This amazing and breathtaking village without roads amazes a lot of netizens!



Believe it or not, many of us are sick and tired of all the pollution we are experiencing, climate change, global warming, and a lot more harmful scenarios there is, because of our own negligence and modernization.

It seems that it will always be a never-ending journey as people doesn’t seem to care and to realized that our land is full of garbage with can’t really decompose, our marine animals and our bodies of water were also polluted, our air was not as fresh as before, so many years ago.

If only we could turn back time and we can go back to a place where we can feel relaxed and comfortable, just like this amazing place where there is no roads just bodies of water, clean and fresh!

What a simple and relaxing life can it be if their mode of transportation is through boats? This incredible place is Giethoorn in Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes.

Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Canal side mansions and a trove of works from artists including Rembrandt and Vermeer remain from the city’s 17th-century “Golden Age.”

Giethoorn is a mostly car-free village in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. It’s known for its boat-filled waterways, footpaths, bicycle trails and centuries-old thatched-roof houses. It borders a section of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, a marshy area once popular for peat and reed harvesting. Next to the park, Museum Giethoorn‘t Olde Maat Uus is a farm museum illustrating the region’s history.

A lot of netizens were amazed that there is an amazing place like this and not only can we see such in fairytale books and other magazines or paintings but it is really in real-life. The whole place was picturesque and full of flowers, plants, and trees as well.

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