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This goose helped this poor puppy in the shivering cold, wraps him up under her wings!



It was really a sad reality to know that there has been a lot of people who seem to care towards other people because of their hidden intentions. It was heartbreaking to see people trying to avoid helping others just because of their poor situation. But despite all of those things, there were still some individuals who believe in humanity. Just like what happened to many Filipino people in the past few months where a lot of families were greatly affected and their living really changed a lot and becomes even more difficult.

Many people nowadays tend to be forgetful to help those people in need. Extending a helping hand is one of the best things you can do to other people. By helping those people in such a challenging situation you tend to give them hope and a second chance in life. But maybe we really don’t know that even other animals in this world have that kind of care towards other animals. They may not be related by blood or by species but they have that utmost care and love towards another.

Just like this goose who seems to comfort a poor shivering puppy by warming him and keeping him under her wings. She even uses her beak to pet the puppy on the head. It was really a great thing to see animals nowadays taking care of each other even though they cannot benefit anything from their deeds. Who would have thought that aside from us people, these animals also teach us the greatness of helping others? It only goes to show that even animals know how to care and how to show love. And us being humans, should also know that it will always be a great thing to help other individuals and even other animals. In that way, you can do what you have to do for humanity to spread and continue.

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