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This restaurant owner saw his lady customer who doesn’t have arms and he showed him a great respect!



Netizens could not help but admire this restaurant owner for treating this woman who doesn’t have arms so nicely inside her restaurant. A disabled woman came into a restaurant where she ordered some food to eat.

After she finished her foods, she called the owner of the restaurant to calculate her bill but when the owner approached her, he refused on accepting her money. Instead, he just requested her to sign one of the portraits hanging on his restaurant’s wall.

He was very impressed with the lady for having no problem to eat with her legs. She was an amazing woman embracing her disabilities. The generous owner even told her to visit their restaurant next time and she can actually eat for free. We knew a lot of normal individuals who seems to be unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives, but this woman is a great inspiration for many people out there to embrace their whole self and to make the best out of what they have.

A lot of people have great respect for disabled people especially those who tried everything just to live a normal life and for them not to be a burden to other people. They are one of the strongest people ever for having that amazing character despite the struggles and challenges they have been through.

This serves as a great lesson to many people not to treat disabled people differently because just like any other normal individuals, they also tried their best to do everything they could to live a beautiful and meaningful life not just for their family but for their own selves as well. It only goes to show that even though you don’t have a pair of arms or legs, and you are different from the people around you, you can still be successful if you believe.

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