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This kids amazes a lot of netizens as they left their shoes outside of a 7-Eleven store as they went inside to buy!



Many of us usually left our slippers or shoes outside the house, most Asian people do that. Even when we go to other houses, it becomes a good manner and respect for the owner of the house to leave your shoes or slippers at the door or just outside the house. It makes us a lot more comfortable to walk barefoot inside the house and to lessen the mess and the dirt as well especially if we have toddlers and small children playing on the floor.

But it was really not very usual for us to leave our shoes or slippers at business establishments, isn’t it? Just like a group of young children who recently went viral online because they had actually left all their footwear outside a 7-Eleven shop!

The children were actually on a field trip from their school up to the mountains of Thailand. While they were in the city, their bus stopped by a gas station for some gas and a toilet break. Their teacher went to the restroom for a while as the kids explore the 7-Eleven shop.

The teacher went out of the restroom and was very surprised to see the children exploring the shop. They were very amazed to know that the shop operates 24 hours, 7 days a week! But he actually had a good laugh to see his students’ footwear just outside the store! When he asked his students why they left their shoes outside they told their teacher that they were just doing what he taught them to do, to take off their shoes when going into a place to respect the place. A lot of netizens could not help but admire and get inspired by these adorable children who remember and practices the things that their teachers and elders told them.

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