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Take a look at Kathryn Bernardo’s expensive accessories, shoes, and bags!



Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo or simply Kathryn Bernardo is a 23-year-old actress, model, and endorser from Nueva Ecija. She is the first and only Filipina actress who breached the 800-Million mark for two movies. The first one was last 2018 for “The Hows of Us” and the other one is “Hello Love Goodbye” for this year 2019. She had also dethroned all Box Office Queen Records with her combined filmographies

No wonder that she has a lot of expensive things on her closet, have you ever wonder which of them is the most expensive of them all? Here are some of the most expensive things she have on the list:


She is fond of wearing luxurious shoes just like her Stuart Weitzman which costs P29,920 and her Louboutin worth P67,560!


Kathryn would often use her white Prada Bag which costs about P68,341. She also has a black Prada bag worth P154,688. She also used one of her expensive Louis Vuitton bags while she was filming her blockbuster hit movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, a Louis Vuitton Backpack which costs P128,975 and a Louis Vuitton Soft Luggage worth P159,110.


Would you believe that her Rolex watch can actually buy you a new car? Kathryn’s Rolex watch costs about P732,936! Oh my!


Kathryn’s Cartier bracelet costs a whopping less than 3 million pesos! It actually costs about P2,936,668!


The “Teen Queen’s” Givenchy slippers cost P23,346 while her Gucci slipper is worth P27,105!


Kathryn’s eyewear costs P29,700, a Yohji Yamamoto sunglass. She also had Saint Laurent worth P16,526, and an Oliver People’s eyewear worth P35,745!

A lot of her fans and supporters admire her for doing a great job with all her projects and for being so professional and hardworking. They also support her on her journey and believes that she deserves everything she has now in her life from material things, finances, and for all the recognitions she is still receiving.

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