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Mayor Isko Moreno plans to bring back nutribun and milk for the proper nutrition of children in Manila



Poverty is one of the main reasons why children doesn’t have enough food and nutrients in their body especially those young people who are very innocent. Most of them go to school with an empty stomach because they do not have enough money to buy food or for their school allowance.

Fortunately, the local government of Manila found a solution for this problem. It was in 1970s when President Marcos started a program to fight malnutrition by giving “nutribun”, a kind of bread with enough nutrients and vitamins to help a child grow healthy. This is given together with a glass of milk to every student before the start of their classes. The program was a success and it was stopped in the year 1980s because there were no malnourished child anymore.

Mayor Isko Moreno wanted to bring it back to help the children of Manila free from malnutrition as he believed that children nowadays need the nutribun and milk for their growth particularly in Tondo. According to Mayor Isko, many children in our society nowadays go to school without eating anything at home because of poverty and he really knew the same situation as he grew up in a poor family as well. That is why he dreams to help young children in Manila by bringing back such beneficial program.

The mayor plans in starting the “feeding program” in elementary schools in Manila from grades 1 to grade 6. The goal of the program is to give proper nutrition to each and every student before their classes start for them to be alert in class as well. He wanted to fight the poverty in Manila for the young generation to achieve their dreams and goals in life through a proper nutrition and good quality education for each and every one of them.

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