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Young boy amazes a lot of netizens as he uses his hand as a pillow for his sleeping mother while riding a train!



Motherhood is priceless and one of the most amazing experiences any woman could ever experience. It was really a life-changing moment and all the memories of being a mother will always be inside you forever. It was just recently when this kid from Chengdu, China went viral on different social media platforms because of his kind and sweer gestures towards his mother as they were riding a train in Chengdu Metro Line 2.

This young boy let his mother sleep on his hands just like a pillow and he didn’t his mother to be uncomfortable in such a position. It was an amazing and wonderful picture of a mother and child love that is why a lot of netizens were deeply moved. It has shared a lot of inspiration and good vibes to people, reminding them how to be grateful for their elders.

It was actually featured in “GoodTimes” that one of the train passengers saw what happened when a young boy was seated beside his mother when there was this woman with a stroller who entered the train and he gave up his seat for the lady. He then stands next to his mother when he saw her feel asleep because of tiredness. He got her pink bag and carried it for her and he even put his hands at the glass divider so that his mother will not get hurt or bumped her head.

A Chinese blogging site, Weibo shared the story of this young boy and is making waves online already. It garnered a tremendous number of comments, likes, reactions, and shares. A lot of netizens commended the values and characteristics the young kid has. It was not every day that you got to see and meet such a wonderful kid and it should serve as a great inspiration to many people and young children.

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