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Netizens couldn’t believe that this is the cleanest public wet market in the Philippines today!



We oftentimes prefer doing our grocery shopping to the mall or the supermarket as much as possible as we would want to go in our dry or wet market here in the Philippines.

Believe it or not, dirty and foul-smelling place are some of the words that can easily come to our mind especially when we are talking about market place. But would you believe that we actually have the cleanest public wet market here in our country? It is found in Bukidnon, where an amazing public market will just totally blow you away!

A certain Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman shared some of the photos of this great place online and it took social media by storm. Many people couldn’t believe the incredible sanitation as well as the beautiful ambience to people. Its display of cleanliness was really amazing that is why a lot of netizens could not help themselves but commend this place. We usually visit some “flea market” in the country and it was not really nice to see such mess and dirt especially when food products that we consume are at stake.

The cleanest public wet market in the Philippines is later known as the “Maramag Public Market”. This place also has “sanitary toilets” which are very clean and are properly maintained. Jennerman also revealed that there are some sections on the stall and counters that have fine granite materials which also have proper ventilation and promotes nice smell unlike other wet markets.

The public appreciated all the efforts and hard work that the organization or the people behind the place have done so far. Hopefully, we as Filipino can also do our part in making our environment clean as well as our public markets among others. May this serve as an inspiration and a challenge for all of us!

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