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Bride who had a make-up disaster on her wedding day had a chance to fulfill her wish!



Celebrating weddings are very important not just to the family of the groom and bride but most especially to the bride and to the groom as well. That is why lot of couples made it to a point that their wedding day will be as perfect and smooth as they expected it to be.

Unfortunately, this bride had a makeup disaster on the day of her wedding. The bride was later known as Darika Klinkuhlab, a bride from Chai Nat, Thailand. She hired a bridal shop and choose a package which is consisted of a makeup session and wedding costumes for the bride and groom. She was very disappointed to see the results as she was transformed from a pretty girl into a mess by the person who did her make-up and hair-do.

According to her she chose a bridal shop near their home instead of going to her favorite salon as it was far from their house. But she couldn’t believe that she had to wait for three hours before they can do her make-up when she was actually there at the salon at noon and her wedding will start at 4pm!

She was very disappointed and furious by what happened and even though her make-up was done wrong she didn’t exposed the name of the bridal shop who turned her dream wedding into disaster as she posted her story online to remind other couples especially those brides-to-be to be much careful on whom they are trusting with their big day.

She earned a lot of praises and positive comments online. Her story had also reached the knowledge of a professional shop and photographer named Park Eun Young who was based in Bangkok.

He reached out to her and offered her a service in providing her with a nice dress and some excellent make-up and to re-take her wedding photos. It was really an amazing experience for the newly-weds and the couple was more than grateful with the amazing results.

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