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A baby inside her mother’s womb was caught on a video dancing to music!



Being a mother was indeed a life-changing event to many women. We are blessed to carry a life inside our body, and to nurture and love them when we finally gave birth to them. It was such a magical and enchanting journey to be a mother, from the moment we knew that there is life inside us, until his every movements and every kicks inside our tummy, it was just very priceless!

Just like the magical journey of motherhood, this pregnant woman actually caught on a video what her baby inside her womb was actually doing when she plays music for her baby. The baby inside her seems to dance in the beat of the music her mother was also listening to. It was really a cute video of an unborn baby enjoying the music in the outside world.
No wonder that a lot of netizens loved it and there were also some people who hilariously reacted on the said video that maybe the baby inside the belly of the pregnant woman will soon be a dance when he grows up.

But there is a warning for all the pregnant women out there to avoid headphones on your belly or at least keep the music at or below 70 decibels when possible. This is because the distance between your belly and your baby is not very wide making the headphones propped right up against your baby’s ears.

Classical music is the best for unborn babies as it offers a wide range of notes and creates almost a lullaby style sound inside the womb. On the other hand, any musical selection will work as long as the music is not too discordant, loud, and harsh which may startle the baby.
It was indeed an amazing journey being a mother and being a wife to our husband. We should not regret anything or feel guilty about anything because our love for them is the most important above all.

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