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This retired teacher cried because of her operation done for free by her doctor!



It was really hard to be sick nowadays. Expensive medications, hospital bills and many more problems can really arise from it, and a lot of financial resources are really needed. Especially nowadays that our basic needs and commodities tend to increase from time to time. The public was surprised to learn about the story of this retired teacher who cried because her operations were done for free. She was very grateful because of the wonderful blessing that she received.

The retired teacher was later known as Mrs. Virginia Roble who was a high school teacher at Mandaue, Cebu. Just like other teachers, Mrs. Robles loves teaching so much, and one of the greatest achievement a teacher could have is to know that their students had been successful in their lives. One day, she had accidentally broke her arm and she was rushed to the Perpetual Succour Hospital to give her first aid and schedule her operation. Her operation was successful but aside from it, she had also received one more blessing that she didn’t really expected. She asked for her hospital bill as she checks out but the person on the nurse station gave her a receipt with something written on it saying:

“Professional fee paid twenty-two years ago! (One of my favorite teachers!)”
The hand-written message was from the doctor who operated her named Dr. Dilbert Monicit. She was very surprised and grateful to know that it was her student before in high school and he is now a professional surgeon who works in the Perpetual Succour Hospital. Because the retired teacher was very grateful to her former student she shared her story on social media as a way of appreciation and thankfulness of what he has done for her. It was really a great experience to received such kindness and generosity from other people especially when we least expect it.

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