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This mom got angry at her son as he was wasting his baon, little did she know that he was saving it for his eye check-up!



Parents want nothing but the best for their children. They would often sacrifice a lot and endure everything just for the welfare of their children. But many parents didn’t know that their children can also sacrificed something for their family.

Just like story of this mother from Uson Masbate who seems to be mad with her son as she thought that he was just wasting his baon buying some junk foods at school because he would often bring home his soup bowl clean from school. His mother would always give the child a P10 allowance for his soup everyday. But the child ended up bringing home his soup bowl clean and untouched.

When the mother confronted her son she was touched and moved by his revelation. The child confessed on his mother that he was not wasting his baon on junk foods because he was actually saving it for his eye check-up.

The mother, Crisalyn Moreno, had shared on social media the video of her son as he was showing his mother the money he saved that is worth P75 for his check-up. The little boy’s other eye was already blind and he wanted his eye to be checked by a specialist but they do not have enough for that. That is why he saves his baon for him to be able to send himself in an eye specialist someday. He wanted his eyes to be checked for him to have a decent and well-paid job and buy his parents car and help them in their living.

The mother felt heartbroken as her son didn’t have food at school in the past few days just to save some money. Her video went viral and garnered a lot of positive comments and reactions from the netizens. A lot of people wanted to help the little boy in the simplest way they could.

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