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This woman saw a very unusual egg but when it finally opened she was very shocked to see what it really was!



Lucy Purdy is walking on the countryside Dartmoor in Devon, United Kingdom when she smelled something unusual nearby as it smells like a rotten meat. When she followed the rotten smell, she saw a very unsual egg that looks like an octopus. 

The mysterious creature has red tentacles. But unlike the octopus with eight tentacles, this creature only has six. Because she was very amazed with the unusual creature, she captured photos of it and send it to the Devon Wildlife Trust. 

The creature was known as the Octopus Stinkhorn or the Devils Finger. It may be similar to a marine cephalopod but it is actually an exotic fungus that have long red tentacles with a foul odor. This bad smell attracts mosquitoes to spread the fungus.

At first, the fungus’ tentacles are white in color and looks like a human’s hands. But it opens and become reddish as it matures. It was said to be discovered in Britain  where it was said to be spreading. It actually originated in New Zealand and Australia and was first discovered in UK many years ago.

Experts believed that this fungus came to UK by means of the tranport of guns of the military going from Antipodes to South West on World War I. It can also be seem in America especially in California together with some other exotic plants.
This fungus also grows from the land together with the rotten wood and trees. Though, its smell was very awful, it was not a poisonous nor a dangerous plant. Because you can actually eat them especially when you are lost in the forest and you have nothing to eat. The eggs of octopus stinkhorn have a gelatinous nature which is considered as one of the most expensive dishes or food in the world.

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