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This amazing Filipina invented a revolutionary lamp that is powered by salt and water!



Electricity is very important to many people especially today in modern technology. Though it has been one of our basic needs, many Filipinos still find it very difficult to have a good and permanent source of electricity most especially those who lived in far and hard to find communities.

Maybe some times, the government has limited support to these poor and unfortunate areas, even their health and enough food supply were affected.

Because of these, three Filipino siblings ended up with such brilliant and very innovative ideas. They are Aisa Mijeno, with the help of her siblings: Ralph Mijeno and Oscar Bryan Magtibay who invented a revolutionary lamp that is powered by salt and water.

Aisa is a computer engineering graduate and currently a member of the engineering faculty of De La Salle University in Lipa, Batangas.

With the help of her siblings, they made a lamp and used only water from the faucet and 2 spoonfuls of salt. It was said that the lamp can be used in 8 hours straight. More than that and more than anything else, saltwater can be an easy thing for this amazing lamp.

Their invention was called SALt or the “Sustainable Alternative Lightning”. This can probably replace the Filipinos “gasera” and candles that have been the light of many Filipino families. You can also be surprised that it also has its own USB port where you can easily charge a phone. In some places, people should walk a very long trail just to buy gasoline to fill their “gaseras” and to somehow lighten their houses. The inventors also share that they do not want to be competitors with other companies but they just wanted to help less fortunate and poor families especially to Kalinga where the invention originates. It will be a great help for many Filipino families.

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