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These students earned praises from the public as they helped a hungry child with only P4 in his pocket!



Filipinos are known to be generous, kind-hearted and have a soft heart for those people in need, especially for those innocent, young kid. No wonder that these students captured the hearts of many people just because of what they did to help this poor and hungry kid.

In our society today, what can we possibly buy with P4 in our wallet or pockets? To be honest, maybe not much. Just like 2 to 4 pieces of candies or maybe a small junk food can be bought by that amount but it cannot really make you full especially when you are very hungry.

There was this kid who also seems to be a student who went on a fried chicken stall but he seems so shy that he only has a small amount of money which was not enough to buy even a piece of chicken. He was very shy to pick a stick of chicken but he still did and asked the vendor if he can pay it with his P4 money in his pocket.

Because the vendor saw how hungry the kid was, he let the poor child have it. It was witnessed by the group of young students who didn’t think twice in helping the child. They noticed that the kid was very hungry and doesn’t also have a proper uniform and footwear.

The group decided to combine some of their money together and help the child. A certain Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III shared this story on his social media account. They bought the child a proper food for lunch, new slippers, and a new ball as they also saw that the child loves playing.

Their deed garnered a lot of praises and positive reactions from the public. May this serve as a great inspiration to many other Filipino especially the young generation to never be hesitant on helping other people especially if you have even a small amount of money, and a strong will to help less fortunate individuals.

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