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African Penguin couple’s video went viral as they were spotted holding hands while enjoying the beach!



Who would have not wanted someone who will hold your hand as you are both walking at the shore? It really sounds romantic isn’t? But would you believe that it was not just a sweet gesture for us human beings? There are actually African Penguin couple who were spotted holding each other’s hand while taking their moment of peace and quiet on the beach! The viral video of this penguin couple was posted by “Storytrender” which instantly garnered enormous likes, comments, and reactions from the public.

The heartwarming scenario was documented by Norma Landeros-Ramirez in Cape Town, South Africa as she and her husband were celebrating their honeymoon. They saw these two lovely penguins at the Boulders Penguin Colony and she had recorded the incredible scene on her phone. It was really a very unusual picture of two creatures seems to be deeply in love with each other as they waddle and flipper and flipper, it was just a breath of fresh air from all the negative things we have in life.

“Since my husband and I are newlyweds, I wanted to see the penguins because I have heard that they keep one partner for life, so it seemed fitting.” Mrs. Ramirez said.
Penguins are considered as monogamous species which means that only have one partner in their lifetime. They are faithful to one another.

When penguins met their lifetime partner they will start an adorable dance together and tap their feet very close to each other as they were making squeaky noises. The documentation of this cute and adorable penguins really made many people restore their faith in love again especially with all the things that had been happening in our lives and all over the world today. It was not every day that we got to see a wonderful picture of true and genuine love like this that would last for a lifetime.

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